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:::::: The Gamers Mafia forums shut down in April 2009. We returned in April 2022. Welcome old and new members! ::::::
[BOARD NEWS] Gamers Mafia March 2007 News update
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 08 2007 10:04 am    Post subject: [BOARD NEWS] Gamers Mafia March 2007 News update Reply with quote

Gamers Mafia March 2007 News update

Our fight against Spam Bots

I've just installed perhaps the some of best anti-spam bot mods to date and I have full confidence in them. Because of this, I have opened up the gamers mafia to everyone now. Guests can now browse our site without being re-directed to the login screen. You still need to be a member to post however. We are still going to use admin verification and CAPTCHA techniques but now we have fully gaurded against these spam bots.

For a list of the new mods I have installed and their descriptions, read the "Currently Installed Mods" sticky topic I have put in the Technical Support. The newest mods are at the bottom. Its a log of every mod we have installed on this board since June 2006.

Black Nova Traders

I have added the Massively Multiplayer Online Game "Black Nova Trader" to my company site Xan Software.

The only entrance into the game is through the gamers mafia forums. Also you must be a member of the gamers mafia forum to play, guests won't have access because they will need to know a special code you can only get by registering with the gamers mafia forum. Existing members can PM me for the code to play if they want to try it out.

I am setting up the referrals system as I type this it should be ready soon. This will reward members that play the game, for bringing new members to the gamers mafia.
Your stats in the game will increase with each new member that tells me that you referred them. If you want to advance in the game, bring some members here!

Easier to find us now

It is now much easier to find the gamers mafia. I have submitted our site's URL and description to all the major search engines, newsfeeds and blog sites. I have also put a link up linking from my company site to the gamers mafia and I am using my chat rooms as rooms that the gamers mafia members can use to chat in if they want more than a shoutboard. I have also set up a social networking site simular to MySpace, I call it Xan Sites and on that board I provide a link directly to the gamers mafia forums as the "main dsicussion" board for that site. So you will see members start appearing from Xan Sites here very soon.

RSS feeds

Our discussions are now syndicated through RSS feeds and can be read by any news reader on the web by just browsing to a special URL. It's purpose is to attract people who would be interested in replying and commenting on what we post. So start posting some good ones. Remember, the more topics you start yourself, the higher up you go in the ranks on the gamers mafia. If you have the firefox browser, load it up and then click on the Orange RSS button at the bottom of the site. You'll see what I mean.

Social Networking Links added!
I have added a mod here which can help us out alot. On the side under your SIG are three links to the most popular news social networking sites on the web today. We can now not only post messages here on our own board, but include the link on those other sites as well. This will get us members because the only way they can comment on the original article is by signing up as a new member on the gamers mafia forum. So start using those links! It will get us plenty of exposure.

Anime Music videos in Gamers Mafia Presents to help bring us members
We have two so far as of this writing. The purpose of "Gamers Mafia Presents" is to attract those users that visit vSocial that are interested in Anime Music Videos to join our site. It's very popular with that particular site, so I have created a few of these videos, in which after they view it is a direct link to the gamers mafia forum. If you want to see the videos go to the "Anime" section of the board. I am in the process of making more but it will be a little while before they are done. If you want to help with this, PM me.

If you want to comment on this topic I have set up a new discussion thread in "GENERAL".

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